About ABLinfo.org
By Kelly Brezoczky
Founder & Executive Director
Healthy Mature Living Foundation and ABLinfo.org
Managing Editor

Welcome to ABLinfo.org, the first nonprofit website providing education and resources for consumers and healthcare professionals around a seldom discussed condition - accidental bowel leakage (ABL).

The research from the past decade paints a new picture for ABL today: ABL is a surprisingly common condition affecting tens of millions of women and men, many of whom are in their middle decades of life. If you have ABL, you’re really not alone.

We know that the ABL conversation is not an easy one. That’s why our mission here at ABLinfo.org is to help consumers, caregivers, advocates, healthcare professional and the media gain more information and understanding about ABL and to break though the myths that have kept this conversation a much-kept secret.

As a non-profit public health educational site, ABLinfo.org aims to reveal the facts that healthcare professionals, patients, consumers and the media need to know to talk about ABL in a “normalized” way, so it becomes part of a healthy living conversation. We believe it’s an everyday health topic that can help people who want to live well with ABL, as they manage their symptoms. 

This site is compliant with HONcode, and we are currently awaiting our formal HONcode accreditation. We offer up-to-date quality information including points of view about both wellness and the clinical thought leadership articles you would expect from a well-researched health website. Dr. Heidi Brown, MD and advisors associated with the Healthy Mature Living Foundation, a non-profit organization, are focused on meeting the unmet health needs of women and men over 40 and review all articles for relevance and up-to-date information.

ABLinfo.org will also feature a guest contributor who shares their unique point of view on the topic of ABL and living well. This month, we feature Gail Sheehy, best-selling author and iconic journalist known for challenging the myths and society’s collective view around healthy aging and living well. We hope you’ll find her point of view informative and inspiring as she breaks out a new conversation with real women who are on the front lines with us, sharing their own story.

We hope you join us by learning more and sharing the facts about ABL.

It’s time for a new conversation.
Thank you for being a part of it.

Last Updated 4/27/2014

Kelly Lewis Brezoczky is Founder and Executive Director of the Healthy Mature Living Foundation and ABLinfo.org. Follow her on Twitter @kellybrezoczky for insights on living well after 50.
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