Starting the Conversation
By Gail Sheehy
Featured Editor

I’ve always been interested in starting conversations that can make a difference in the lives of both women and men. The most influential book I’ve written, Passages, was read by many women who then read it to their husbands – probably in the intimacy of their bedroom. Passages was translated in 28 languages and encouraged millions of people to see their impulses to change from one stage to the next as normal, predictable and good.

I continued to seek out life changes that were considered taboo subjects or cloaked in silence, notably menopause and family caregiving, both based on my own experience. In September, I’ll be publishing my memoire, DARING: My Passages, which will also coincide with an on-line website, the DARING Project, to encourage women to take the road less travelled. 

It takes a person who dares to open a new conversation to really change lives. You can be that daring person who brings comfort and normalcy to people who think they are the only ones with accidental bowel leakage. I know this website on ABL will give you the facts to help you start the conversation with your friends and family and recover enjoyment in your hobbies, your lives and your loves. 

Last Updated 1/12/2015

As a cultural observer and bestselling author, Gail Sheehy has changed the way millions of people look at their lives.
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