ABL is Common, but Conversations Are Not
By Kelly Brezoczky
Founder & Executive Director
Healthy Mature Living Foundation and ABLinfo.org
Managing Editor

It isn’t always easy to start a conversation about accidental bowel leakage or ABL, also known as fecal incontinence in the medical literature. Yet, in all my years of research, there isn’t a person I’ve talked to that hasn’t felt better after talking about it and how their condition affects them.

Most people are surprised and relieved to learn that they are not alone. In fact, the research has found that 1 in 5 women over 40 are affected by ABL and similar numbers have been found among men. However, there are things anyone with ABL can do to improve symptoms.

Here at ABLinfo.org we provide the education and resources to help people learn what they can do to improve symptoms.

Starting a conversation with your healthcare provider is one of the best ways to get started. That’s why we’ve developed this ABL Conversation Starter. 

While each person’s experience of ABL differs, we hope you’ll find this tool helpful. By answering these these four questions you’ll be able to take steps to improve or reduce your symptoms and enjoy a higher level of wellbeing. 

Click here to download the ABL Conversation Starter

Last Updated 1/12/2015

Kelly Lewis Brezoczky is Founder and Executive Director of the Healthy Mature Living Foundation and ABLinfo.org. Follow her on Twitter @kellybrezoczky for insights on living well after 50.
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