Kelly Brezoczky
Founder & Executive Director
Healthy Mature Living Foundation and
Managing Editor

Kelly Lewis Brezoczky is the Founder and Executive Director of the Healthy Mature Living Foundation and the Managing Editor of The Healthy Mature Living Foundation is a non-profit organization that addresses the multiple unmet health needs of women and men over 40. is the first project to launch as part of the Foundation’s mission.

Ms. Brezoczky’s decades of experience in consumer health research have inspired her to create a platform providing accessible health information that empowers people to start new conversations that ultimately improve their lives and wellbeing.  With almost three decades of “extra” active living available to Boomers as they age today, Ms. Brezoczky believes creating language and access to new conversations about mature health conditions is critical to optimizing mature wellbeing.

As a health advocate, Ms. Brezoczky has co-authored two peer-reviewed papers in the International Journal of Clinical Practice identifying ABL (accidental bowel leakage) as an unmet need affecting 1 in 5 women over 40 in the U.S.  One of her important contributions has been encouraging more accessible language around this sensitive condition so that people with ABL feel more encouraged to speak up about their condition.

Ms. Brezoczky is also the CEO and Founder of Butterfly Health, Inc., the makers of Butterfly® Body Liners. Ms. Brezoczky is hoping that other leaders in the field will join her in making additional non-profit educational resources available for ABL.

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